Bill is the owner of the Fuller’s Folly River Ranch, which has been in his family for over 50 years. Bill has been an avid outdoorsman his entire life. In his early years, he hunted and fished with his father and his pals, listening and learning (and appreciating) the ways of wild things. He no longer hunts or fishes much, but if anything his appreciation of nature has grown.

Ask about the name:
My dad used to chuckle about his ranch purchase and muse that we should call it “Fullers Folly”, and so I did!

A recent article quoted him:
The Japanese have an expression that I like– forest bathing—which means getting time in the forest. This is what the ranch offers our guests– the peacefulness that comes from time spent in nature. (But we offer it along with all the comforts of home!)

Bill was treasurer of The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History for several years, and also served on the local board of The Nature Conservancy. He has four children (in four states!). He is founder and president of an investment advisory firm in Fort Worth that specializes in income-generating investments.


Trista was born and raised in Guthrie Oklahoma. Trista is a graduate of Oklahoma State University with a BS in agriculture education and a minor in animal science. During her time at Oklahoma State University, Trista competed on the Equestrian Team as a top athlete in all events. After school, Trista pursued a career in coaching Equestrian at the NCAA level. Most recently, she started SMU’s western team, which made SMU one of the top Equestrian programs in the country. She enjoys spending more time raising her two boys in Weatherford.